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  • 6is a composite number how the word "is" used? ​...

6is a composite number how the word "is" used?


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    my answer: 4, 4, i hope it could help

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    libby was the son of a farmer, ora edward libby, and his wife, eva may libby (née rivers). in 1913 the family, including willard and his two brothers and two sisters, moved to an apple ranch north of san francisco. a tall youth who would eventually grow to six feet, three inches, willard developed his legendary strength by working on the farm. he attended elementary and high school in sebastopol, california. in high school he played tackle and was called wild bill, a nickname that followed him all his life.

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    i'm confused with your question, first of all it seems that your statement is missing a little details, like how many dogs she's walking? but if that's not the case and your teacher tells you that you can put any number of dogs then here's the equation.

    a-number of dogs

    b-number of how much she earns

    c-number of times she does this



    3×5×2=30 -jane earns 30 dollars just by walking 3 dogs on the weekends.

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    Dahil nasa tens, at hindi pwede tanggalin ang 0 unless na decimal, sa decimal lang tinatanggal ang zero.
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6is a composite number how the word "is" used? ​...