r=12% per year
t=8 years​


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    it depend on how much the root prize of all items and how much is the prize you added on it.

    clear your question like add the original value of item and the value on how much you sold it.

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    A. 11*11=132 ways, b. 11*8=88 ways, c. 11*10=110 ways
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    In order to find the sum and product of the roots, we have the following formula:

    Let r and s be the roots of degree 2 trinomial

    r + s = -b/a

    rs = c/a

    where the format of the equation must be in Standard Form:

    ax^2 + bx + c = 0

    We have our equation:

    2x^2 - 11x + 3 = 0

    where a = 2

    b = -11

    c = 3

    By substituting the following values, we can now solve the sum and products of our given equation.

    r + s = -b/a

    = -(-11)/2

    r + s = 11/2

    rs = c/a

    rs = 3/2

    Sum = 11/2 and Product = 3/2

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P=680,000r=12% per yeart=8 years​...