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What is the domain of the first graph? second graph? third graph? explain each.


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    domain in the graph is the set of x-values depending on the given equation.

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    DOMAIN The domain  in the graph are those element found in horizontal  axis.

    •The domain of a relation or ordered pairs is the set of all possible values that the variable x can take. On other term it is called input or the first element in the ordered pairs.  Read the details about the meaning of domain in

    •Range – the set of all ordinates in a relation or it is the set of outputs. The range of a function or relation is the set of all possible dependent values the relation can produce from the domain values. It is the collection of all possible outputs. Read the details about range in

    A relation is a rule that relates values from a set of values (called the domain) to a second set of values (called the range).

    •A relation is a set of ordered pairs (x,y).

    Here are another information about domain and range of a function

    1. A function is a relation where each element in the domain is related to only one value in the range by some rule.  

    2. A function is a set of ordered pairs (x,y) such that no two ordered pairs have the same x-value but different y-values. Using functional notation, we can write f(x) = y, read as “f of x is equal to y.” In particular, if (1, 2) is an ordered pair associated with the function f, then we say that f(2) = 1. Read the details about the function in

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    23 green
    52 red
    34 blue
    61 yellow
    30 pink.
    since we are looking to the percentage of red. so we need to do is the no if red gumballs over the total number of gumballs
    21/100 or 21 %
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    The combination of numbers that equals 12345.
    recall: ones,tens,hundreds,
    in ten thousands you add four zeroes to the left of a nonzero number =1 and soon.
      therefore, those numbers are  1, 2000, 300, 40, and 5.
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What is the domain of the first graph? second graph? third graph? explain each....