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in a direct proportion, as one quantity increases, the other quantity
increases at the same rate and vice versa.
can you cite an example of real-life situation that involves direct
in an inverse proportion, one quantity increases as the other quan-
tity decreases at the same rate, and vice-versa.
speed varies inversely with time of travel because the faster we
go, the shorter the time of travel.​


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    *You visit the Grand Canyon & drop a penny off the edge of a cliff.The ditance the penny will fall is 16ft. the first second.48ft the next second.80ft. the 3rd second.In 6 seconds,what is the total distance the object will fall?
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    1 Kiko had two apple and he ate 1apple what is left?

    2 Nena had a carrot and she planted it how many was left?

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    1. Mary has 5 bananas and gave 1 to Shun, how many apples left?

    2. Kim gave his mother 50 pesos, but then his mother refused and gave back the 25 pesos. How much did his mother took from him?

    Step-by-step explanation:

    1. Mary- 5 bananas

    Shun- receive 1 banana from Mary.


    Therefore, there are only 4 bananas left on Mary.

    2. Kim- 50 pesos

    His mother- took 25 pesos.


    Therefore, there's only 25 pesos left on Kim.

    i don't know if I'm right, but i hope so.

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