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Are all real numbers rational number​


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    Step-by-step explanation:

    Rational numbers are those that can be written as a ratio of two numbers. Not all real numbers can be expressed as ratios of numbers, and these are irrational numbers. Examples of which are

    \pi \: and \sqrt{2}

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    Idont understand your question
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    Aahh, k, dali lng, here. pag may nakita kang dalawand term na magkaparehas and variable at ipagsama mo, tapos itranspose/ bliktarin mo ung sign ng coefficient/ number na walang 4x+7=3, ung 7 magiging -7 at ganito na ung 4x=3-7, tapos maiwan si x, kaya divide bothe sides by so x= -1
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Are all real numbers rational number​...