1divided to 100

1divided to 100[tex]1x2[/tex]​


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    Step-by-step explanation:

    So you first out 1 over 100 then you have to make the hundred to become one so you move the decimal point two times to the left the it becomes one but whatever you do to the denominator you do same to numerator so you also move the decimal point two times to the left then it become 0.01 divided by 1

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    The answer is 4. because it is like a addition sequence (not sure if it's right).

    1,1 is also like 1+1= 2
    1,2 is also like 1+2= 3
    2,3 is also like 2+3= 5
    3,5 is also like 3+5= 8
    5,8 is also like 5+8= 13
    8,13 is also like 8+13= 21.

    if you don't understand what i'm sorry cause i'm really lacking when it comes to explaining.
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    1. g/f
    2. f*g
    3. fog
    4. f+g
    5. f/g
    6. f-g
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