What is the purpose of a fica tax?


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    The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is a United States federal payroll (or employment) contribution directed towards both employees and employers to fund Social Security and Medicare—federal programs that provide benefits for retirees, people with disabilities, and children of deceased workers.

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    1The Rice Tariffication Law addresses major problems from the current agricultural system to make the country's rice sector more efficient, progressive, and competitive. It safeguards the welfare of local rice farmers and ensures that every Filipino will always have food on their plates.

    211203 or the rice tariffication law (RTL) is to provide affordable rice prices for consumers, coupled with the goal of raising the income of palay/rice farmers. These twin objectives of the law would supposedly ensure food security for all, and secure the income of producers and the need of consumers.

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    supercomputers, mainframe computers, minicomputers, microcomputers and embedded computers.

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