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    A mathematical proof is an inferential argument for a mathematical statement, showing that the stated assumptions logically guarantee the conclusion. The argument may use other previously established statements, such as theorems; but every proof can, in principle, be constructed using only certain basic or original assumptions known as axioms, along with accepted rules of inference. Proofs are examples of exhaustive deductive reasoning or exhaustive inductive reasoning which establish logical certainty, and are distinguished from empirical arguments or non-exhaustive inductive reasoning which establish "reasonable expectation". Enumerating many confirmatory cases is not enough for a proof, which must demonstrate that the statement is always true (occasionally by listing all possible cases and showing that it holds in each). An unproven proposition that is believed to be true is known as a conjecture.

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    mathematics doesn't invented by someone simply we use it. Mathematics is part of our life ain't an invention. Because mathematics is the way we accomplished a single day. By counting blessings, money, days that had have been passed, by calculating our expenses,change, by dividing a certain food, by calculating our grades and so on.

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