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  • 1. ima monomoi of degree2om o binomial wedding coe...

1. ima monomoi of degree
om o binomial w
edding coeficiens
4 mx degrees 10
5 lom a mnomot. i'm not in onoord om
o lom obimomol of degree 1 ny leading coeficients ?
7. my leoding coeficientis l.
& imo monomic ny degree is not
in standard form. my leoong coecients 5
පි. 4, රතම s කි.​


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    Blah blah blah is an expression used to over-conpensate the rush of emotions they are feeling. at this rate, the adrenaline rushes inside their bodies and the stress hormones are diffused and hence, the joyous event of finding one's identity.
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    Answer is
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    Created by egyptians in middle kingdom texts such as the rhind mathematical papyrus. between 600 and 300 bc , it is created because there is no math in our lives know , we don't know on how to count our properties , money , for as also to avoid that was just my opinion
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1. ima monomoi of degree2om o binomial wedding coeficiens4 mx degrees 101211-orr-5 lom a mnomot. i'm...