What is the standard time of 1825h?


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    1800 hours is a militaty time if you convert it to standard time it is 6:00 p.m.

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    21.) 9: 50 p.m.

    22.) 8hrs and 10mins

    23.) 518.55 km/hr

    step-by-step explanation:

    21. what time in standard time is the car supposed to arrive?

    2150 hrs -1200= 9: 50 p.m.

    22. how long does it travelled?

    9: 50 - 1: 30 = 8: 208hrs and 20mins

    3. what is the averanged speed

    convert 20mins to hrs then add 8 hrs later

    20min \times \frac{1hr}{60min}

    we can now cancel the unit min

    20 \times \frac{1hr}{60} = \frac{10hr}{60} = \frac{1hr}{6} = 0.167hr

    now add 8hrs

    = 8.167hrs

    now lets compute the speedspeed = distance over time

    v = 4235km/8.167hrsv = 518.55 km/hr
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    Here are the answers:

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