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Make a mathematical equation given the following statements:
1.x varies inverse as y.
2.speed r of moving object is inversely proportional to the time t travelled.
3.cost c varies directly as the number n of pencils.
4.a varies inversely as squareroot of b.
5.p varies directly as the square of q.
6.y varies jointly as x and z.
7.a varies jointly as b and c and inversely as the square of d .
8.a varies directly as b and the square root of c.
9.f varies jointly as g and the cube of h.
10.y varies directly as x and inversely as z.


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    4 a=k/sqrt.b







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    The car speeds up. acceleration is opposite to the motion, the speed of the object decreases. The car slows down. Slowing down is also called negative acceleration.

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    distance divided by time


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    Forces affect how objects move. They may cause motion; they may also slow, stop, or change the direction of motion of an object that is already moving. Since force cause changes in the speed or direction of an object, we can say that forces cause changes in velocity.

    Hope it helps ✨

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    One of the parameter for motion used is Speed. Galileo first gave the formula to get the speed that is distance over time. Speed doesn’t covered length or distance only through the quantity called scalar, the measure of speed is also defined. scalar quantity has only magnitude, it has a single element of a number field that is real number.   

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    An object moves if there is force that is exerted on the object.
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    EQUATION: r = k/t

    It's an inverse variation.
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    Force can pull ang push object 1 move object thats all
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Make a mathematical equation given the following statements: 1.x varies inverse as y. 2.speed r of...