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Listen to eine kleine nachtmusik by w. a. mozart. write the number of measure where the exposition starts and ends.


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    Frederic Chopin Scherzo

    Second Theme

    The second theme of the Scherzo by Frederic Chopin is described below:

    Descriptions  The full melody reflects Chopin's deep patriotism from all aspectsChopin's deep patriotism includes melody, tone, texture, and harmony. For example, the Polish folk song is a monophonic  melody.  The  melody  of  sincerity,  enthusiasm,  and  softness  are  artistically  appealing.  OrchestrationThe subject is influenced by the Polish folk songsThe melody is full of strong.Chopin also inherited the repetition of homonyms in Polish folk songs, but only made a wide change in rhythm.

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    The selected musics were from different periods and composer. It also introduces another variety or type of music that will greatly be used as another example of the specific description. Music back then were categorized by the focus of every periods. Like for example, in Renaissance church had political power and had to limit the music choices for it was or it may had been unnecessary that time.

    Periods in Music:

    Renaissance(1400-1600)- most music were for the churchBaroque(1600-1750)- freedom from the church’s grasp; more musical freedomClassical(1750-1820)- elegance, nobility

    The selected musics and its description (via Melody; Tempo; Dynamics; Texture; Period)

    John Dowland Fine Knacks for Ladies- Simple/Tuneful; Slow; Mostly Soft; Monophonic; RenaissanceG.F. Handel Halleluia Chorus- Simple/Tuneful; Moderate; Mostly Soft; Homophonic; Baroque  L.V. Beethoven Symphony No.9, Op. 125, D Minor “Choral” Symphony No. 9-Complex; Fast; Mostly Loud; Polyphonic; Classical

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Listen to eine kleine nachtmusik by w. a. mozart. write the number of measure where the exposition s...