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What is tje story behind pshs hymn and dost hymn


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    Philippine Science High

    Thou stands above with thy thoughts that lift

    And fit all thy sons with wings

    To lend us flight in the sowing of our gifts

    Oh, Philippine Science High,

    Thy wisdom arms our youth

    As we reach for our dreams, as we strive for our goals

    As we seach for the untarnished truth  

    Philippine Science High,

    The PSHS in us will grow

    And go as we wander o’er

    The crests and troughs of the sea of life that flows

    Oh Philippine Science High

    Thy light our beacon be

    In our path through the world, in our fight for the right

    In pursuit of a glorious thee



    Philippine Science High

    Patuloy mong itinataas

    Kaming ‘yong mga anak

    Sa paglinang n gaming kakayahan

    O, Philippine Science High

    Dunong mo’y patnubay

    Sa mga pangarap,sa aming hinahangad

    Na katotohanang lantay

    Philippine Science High

    Sa aming puso’y lumalago

    At sa’n man magtungo

    Magpapatuloy sa dagat ng buhay

    O, Philippine Science High

    Liwanag mo’y tanglaw

    Sa amin ay gabay, Sa landas ng buhay

    Sa dakilang minimithi

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What is tje story behind pshs hymn and dost hymn...