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What is the mood of rondalla playing rosas pandan?
what is the timbre?
what is the tempo?
what is the texture? ​


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    membranophones, which add timbre to the sound of being struck, (this includes the entire family of drums)

    idiophones, (made of such material such as wood, metal, or bone, examples are Bells, Gongs, Triangles, Marimbas, and wood blocks) which make a pitched sound by themselves.  


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    LICHT (Light) is Karlheinz Stockhausen's epic 29-hour work for vocal, instrumental and electronic forces, composed over a period of 26 years (starting from 1977). It is divided into 7 operatic presentations, with each one named after a day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc). Though labelled "operas", practically speaking these staged productions have almost nothing in common with most traditional operas written in the last 200 years, and could even be viewed more accurately as thematically-linked, evening-length productions featuring electro-acoustic concert works driven by semi-narrative vocal elements.

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    Fortissimo songs are songs which is very loud compared to the common songs nowadays. It is louder that forte (the word forte means "loud"). Not all instruments can produce loud music. Those that are under the brass classifications are the ones who produce loud sounds like trumpets, trombones and cymbals. The following songs listed below are examples of fortissimo songs/music:

    Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture Ligeti's The Devil's StaircaseMahler's Symphony No. 8Holst's The Planets "Mars, The Bringer of War"Rouse's Requiem

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    The TEMPO of the SINULOG FESTIVAL is lively and happy. They only use the instrument; drums, dance, and the music but they still manage to make it more festive. They CELEBRATE the event every third week of January in Cebu City Philippines.

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What is the mood of rondalla playing rosas pandan? what is the timbre? what is the tempo? what is th...