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  • 1) what is the tone of the "bahay kubo' a.2 b.4 c....

1) what is the tone of the "bahay kubo'
a.2 b.4 c.3 d.6
2) ano ang melody? a ilan ang himig neto?
a.1 himig b. 5 himig c.3 himig d. 2 himig
3) ano ang rest ng quarter note?
a. eighth rest b. quarter rest c. whole rest d. half rest
4) ano ang bilang ng dotted half note?
a. 1 1/2 b.4 c.1/2 d.3
5) ano ang letter ng sol
a. f b. g c. e d. c
6) how many line in the music
a.5 b.7 c. 6 d. 10


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    1 b 2c 3 d 4 b 5 a 6 c


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    2 beats1 beat1/2 beat4 beats2 beats 1 and 1/2 beat1 beat because the time value of eighth rest is half a beat added to the dotted which adds another half of a beat so 1 beat. 1/4 beat
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    A. Whole rest - Semibreve rest

    B. Half rest - Minim rest

    C. Quarter note - Crotchet rest

    D. Eight note - Quaver rest


    Semibreve rest - it appears like a hat turned up. It is a silent equivalent of a whole note.Minim rest - it is a small colored-in block that sits in the middle line of the staff. It is a silent equivalent of a half note.Crotchet rest - it looks like an inverted number three that sometimes hard to draw. It is a silent equivalent of a quarter note.Quaver rest - it looks like a number seven. It is a silent equivalent of an eight note.

    The names of those rests are based on the names of their equivalent notes.

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    eto po yung sa quarter rest sanna makatulong^_^


    What are the rest of quarter note and eight note​
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    Half Note: 2 beats

    Quarter Rest: rest for 1 beat

    Eighth Note: 1/2 of a beat

    Whole Rest: rest for 4 beats

    Sixteenth Note: 1/4 of a beat

    Whole Note: 4 beats

    Half Rest: rest for 2 beats

    Dotted Quarter Note: 1 1/2 beats

    Dotted Eighth Rest: 3/4 of the beat

    Dotted Sixteenth Note: 3/8 of the beat


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    sana makatulong po ito.

    11. Iguhit ang mga simbolo ng mga sumusunod na Note at Rest

11. Whole rest :6. Whole note :12. Hal
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    whole rest 4

    half note 2

    quarter rest 1

    eight note 1/2

    sixteenth 1/4

    whole rest 4

    half rest 2

    doteed quarter note 1 1/2

    doteed eight note3/4

    dotted sixteenth note 3/8

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1) what is the tone of the "bahay kubo' a.2 b.4 c.3 d.6 2) ano ang melody? a ilan ang himig neto?...