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Amusical music often performed as a wake up call


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    Ito ay babae ito ay maganda itao ay sina lyka gairanod ,sarah geronimo ,at lea salongga
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    It is known that Sonata is the multiple movement work for solo instrument.  Sonata is a word came from Sonare which means to "make a sound". Example of solo instruments are keyboard or violin. It was introduced and became popular during Classical era when history of music had been evolved. It is a piece of music that opposing cantata.

    In the Philippines, Sonata is also a part of Philippine culture. Who is the Father of Sonata in the Philippines? Read the answer at

    What is the three sections of the first movement of Sonata? read on

    What is term used for repeating of themes in the opening of Sonata? read the answer at

    Other Terms:A cantata is a vocal composition accompanied by instrument, the one involving a choir.A symphony is a musical composition that is extended. It consists of multiple distinct movements, often 4 sections. Use of string instruments such as viola, violin, double bass and cello along with the brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments from 30 up to 100 maximum musicians.A concert is a music performance live in front of people. It can be held in a private house or in a concert halls, gymnasium, nightclubs and other big function halls. It can be performed by: single artistorchestrachoirband


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    Where is the measures? How will we answer that if you don't have any measures?

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Amusical music often performed as a wake up call...