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I. PERFORMANCE TASK ACTIVITY NO.1 Listening Direction: Listen to aria, Un bel di," from "Madame Butterfly", Act II and compare this with the solo song Td Give My Life For You" from "Miss Saigon". Write their characteristics. Vocal Performance Criteria "Un bel di," (One "I'd Give My Life For beautiful day) You" Solo: Kim Aria: Cio-cio San Miss Saigon Madame Butterfly Breathing Support/Control Placement of Sounds Endurance need help po thank you


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    Jingle about Puberty

    Tone: Leron Leron Sinta

    Teenager comes to , stage of the puberty

    When we come to this stage , means were need to be ready

    For some physical changes , and other strange feelings

    But we should not be worry, cause its not a bad thing !

    When were in Puberty stage, means were already mature

    We should be have more , careful to ourselves

    Take care of our body , cause were already teenagers

    Let's go on teenagers, let's be more mature! ^_^


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    Agung - small ringed
    Sanang and Gimbal - big gong

    Hope this helps!
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    is a Japanese drum that comes in various sizes and is used to play a variety of musical genres. It has become particularly popular in recent years as the central instrument of percussion ensembles whose repertory is based on a variety of folk and festival music of the past.

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    Romeo and Juliet


    The exposition of the symphony Romeo and Juliet starts from 02:10 minutes up to 02:50 minutes.

    Descriptions  A clear contrast between the first and second subjects is present. The first subject is in B minor.  It contains differing rhythm and orchestration.  The lyrical second subject has a flowing melody The textire is sustainedThe second subject, which is in D flat major, is tonally more stable than the first subject.OrchestrationBegins with an tutti orchestra playing the first subject The entrance of the first subject is strong and forceful.The tension is increased by rushing scale passages

    For additional information regarding the tempo, refer to the following links:

    Definition of tempo

    Types of tempo

    What is a moderately slow tempo


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I. PERFORMANCE TASK ACTIVITY NO.1 Listening Direction: Listen to aria, Un bel di," from "Madame Butt...