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    Please google it on the internet

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    Gitgit= Gitgit is an instrument with a 3 or 4 strings made of human hair.

    Kinaban = a musical instrument common to many regions in Asia is the jaw harp or mouth harp, often reffered to as "jew's harp". The jaw harp is a slim bamboo instrument approximately of a ball-pen size, of different shapes and lengths varying from 10 cm to 40 cm

    Kudlong= The kutiyapi, or kudlong, is a boat-shaped plucked string instrument from the Philippines. It has frets and if often heavily carved.

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    Claude Debussy is often regarded as the master of Impressionism, and his works such as 'Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun' and 'La Mer' are good examples of this connection with nature. Maurice Ravel, Paul Dukas, and Ottorino Respighi, are other well-known Impressionists in music.

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    David Ahern

    Guilio Aldinucci

    Marc Broude

    Mauro Cardi

    Luigi Ceccarelli

    Jerry Goldsmith

    Alois Hába

    Patrick Higgins (musician)

    Sakamoto Hiromichi


    Francisco López (musician)


    Michiro Sato

    Salvatore Sciarrino

    Michael Seltenreich

    Kate Soper (composer)

    Christine Southworth

    Steven Stapleton

    Asmus Tietchens

    Michael Walter

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