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  • A simple question i cant answer but maybe u can...

A simple question i cant answer but maybe u can


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    Siku is a pipe originally made of light reed called songo that grows in the banks of Titicaca. it has two seperate rows of pipes , open at one end and colser at the other. There are six  pipes  per row horizontally arranged with the open end at the top. They are hold together by a string that goes between the pipes and around them. There are different sizes:

    Ika for small

    Siku is medium size

    Sanka is medium large size

    Semitoyo is large

    Toyo is the largest


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    What is the function of Doon po sa amin This is a highly  popular Philippine folk nonsense song.   In Philippine folklore, San  Roque is a mythical region.  It can be used as a metaphor often  that things aren't quite the way they seem. This is an extremely  popular Philippine nonsense folk song. Because San Roque is a famous  town in folklore in Philippines.  Often it can be used as a metaphor  that things aren't always as they appear to be. Folksongs are folk songs that are written to complement  day to day activities such as agriculture, fishing and sleeping.   The majority of Philippine folk songs are written with Spanish and other western  influences. The people have developed melodic singing and indigenous instruments based on their materials.

    May nagkatuwaan apat na pulubi;

    Nagsayaw ang pilay, umawit ang pipi,

    Nanood ang bu-lag, nakinig ang bingi.

    Doon po sa amin maralitang bayan,

    Nagkatay ng hayop, Niknik ang pangalan,

    Ang taba po nito nang maipatunaw

    Ang nakuhang langis siyam na ta-payan.

    Doon po sa amin, bayan ng Malabon,

    May isang matandang nagsaing ng apoy,

    Palayok ay papel, papel pati tungtong

    Tubig na malamig ang iginagatong.


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    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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    Musique concrete means "recorded music".
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A simple question i cant answer but maybe u can...