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  • 1. has always been viewed as a universal language....

1. has always been viewed as a universal language. In the vast region of 2. religious music has been a common ground in 3. people with different languages, cultures and norms. 4. music and 5. music reflect different aspects of Asian culture through its timbre, rhythm, 6. texture, form, and 7. Its music remains 8. to the lives of the people of the countries as a source of spiritual inspiration, cultural expression and entertainment. 9. is not emphasized but rather includes salient features such as melodic complexity and ornamentation in Israeli music. It is commonly used during communal worship, mystic rituals, life passage events and 10.


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    Frederic Chopin Scherzo

    Third Theme

    The third theme of the Scherzo by Frederic Chopin is described below:

    Descriptions  Chopin  used  various  decorative sounds  in  the  melodyThe melody was greatly  enriched  the  musical  expression  of  the  work.  The melody lines of the works are more gorgeousThe theme is set to romantic and elements of the Italian opera's repertoire was applied to the creation of a scherzoIn the second theme, the tune of the upper part is a waltz styleThe middle part is light and slightly uneasy.

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    Explanation:it can help you to relax and forget bad memories

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    moderate maybe...Because maybe the others tempo is 7 or 5 tones

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1. has always been viewed as a universal language. In the vast region of 2. religious music has been...