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Pasagot po kahit yung sarili nyong explanation thankyou


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    He started a recording studio with Martin Bisi and met Jean Karakos, owner of Celluloid Records. Under the Material name Laswell became the de facto house producer for Celluloid until the label was sold in the 1980s. He recorded music that was experimental, combining jazz, funk, pop, and R&B, by musicians such as Whitney Houston, Sonny Sharrock, Archie Shepp, Henry Threadgill, and the band Massacre with Fred Frith and Fred Maher. His association with Celluloid allowed his first forays into "collision music", a term coined by British writer Chris May of Black Music & Jazz Review. Recordings with the Golden Palominos and production on albums by Shango, Toure Kunda, and Fela Kuti appeared on the label. Celluloid was an early advocate of hip hop, producing albums by Fab 5 Freddy, GrandMixer D.ST, Phase II, and Afrika Bambaataa. The album World Destruction paired John Lydon with Afrika Bambaataa years before Aerosmith and Run–D.M.C. collaborated on their rock/hip hop version of "Walk This Way".

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    Japanese music has three general types of instruments - percussion instruments (odaiko, tsuzumi, shoko, tsuridaiko, taiko), string instruments (koto, shamisen, biwa), and wind instruments -mostly flutes (shakuhachi, nokan, sho, hichiriki). Compared to our music, Japanese music is very simple.

    chinese instruments: yueqin,pipa,erhu,yunluo,sheng,dizi,zheng,pengling

    korean instruments:

    string instruments: kayagum,geomungo,haegum

    wind instruments: piri,changgo

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    Kasi hindi naman talaga ;)

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    atin cu pung sing sing is originated in kapampangan

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Pasagot po kahit yung sarili nyong explanation thankyou...