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    The whole community will be enticed to engage in Physical Activity and Active Recreation if they are aware that such program is existing, and if that program is sustainable and sparks interest of the people. We can coordinate with the local government council and check if they have programs, we can then make recommendations.


    Make them aware of the benefits of physical activity and active recreation

    An active lifestyle has many benefits, such as:

    Have more vitality Are in better shape Have better mental health Can manage stress better Improved  self esteem

    Physical activity and active recreation helps:

    Prevent and control some risk factors for heart and congenital diseases: blood cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension Improve muscle and bone health (osteoporosis prevention) Improve sleep Control weight Provide them options to attain realistic and sustainable healthy lifestyle:

    Here are physical and active recreations you can try:

    Jogging or runningSwimming  Playing different sports Playing basketball or footballSkipping with a ropeDancing / Zumba sessionsBrisk walking

    Here are the definition of recreational activity:

    Here are other samples of physical activities you can try:

    Here are other samples of active recreational activities you can try:


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    A good exercise program should consist of several key components. These include, Flexibility training (stretching), Cardiorespiratory training (cardio), Core and Balance training (abs and glutes), and Resistance training (weights). Each of these components provides a different benefit to your overall fitness program. When starting, select 1-3 exercises from each category.


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    exercise (planking)


    planking is the best way to get fit in just a minute.Eventhough planking is so very har but it is the effective one.

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    The best activities I can do during these times are do my daily run, attend Zumba classes, High intensity interval training and core exercises in the gym.

    Whenever I'm home, I do Zumba exercises by watching YouTube videos and follow the instructions given by the trainer to make sure I burn all the calories I consumed within the day.

    I also do 30 sit-ups, 30 push-ups and 30 squats a day. I walk my dog around the village to make sure I have a cardio activity everyday.

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These refer that cosist of everything that we do...