These refer that cosist of everything that we do


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    Ang nakaimbento ng badminton ay si ISAAC SPRATT at naimbento ito noong 1854

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    no i cant consider myself as an overweight person.


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    It refers to the interest or way on how a person live his/her life. It is a choice made by person and it can be change from time to time.


    Physically, people wanted to have a healthy lifestyle by choosing and maintaining a healthy diet and physical exercise.

    Taking vitamins.Eating vegetables and less rice.Eating foods with less cholesterol.Doing some exercises everyday.Lifestyle is not only limited to physical health but in all aspect of health. It could be for emotional health, spiritual health, mental, environmental health.Not all lifestyle are good. There are a lot of lifestyle which are bad for the health.


    Love watching movies without exercising.Eating unhealthy foods.Sleep late at night.Drinking lots of soft drinks.Eating more sugars containing foods.Indulging oneself in stressful environment.Prolong use of mobile phones.


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These refer that cosist of everything that we do...