How do you see yourself as a parents


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    isee my self for being a good father of my childrens


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    1.The number of children i envision to have is 2 or 3.
    2.I would be responsible enough to handle things.To handle the responsibility of a wife.
    3.I can see myself as a parent as a Good,Caring, Loving, and responsible to my husband and children.
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    I guess you'll see yourself as a sibling...


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    I see myself as a loving,understanding and a caring parent

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    Parenthood is the state of being a parent. Traditionally, parents means being the father or the mother of the biological child. Parenthood is a great responsibility or task. It is  not a role that can be done out of chance. Rather the status of making a responsible decision to have a family. Includes the inculcation of values and instilling in discipline.

    Five Parenting StylesInstinctive ParentingAttachment ParentingHelicopter ParentingAuthoritative ParentingPermissive Parenting

    Responsible Parenthood

    The ability and will to respond to the needs and aspirations of the family. A series of decisions that couples make to ensure the best family's interests and its community. In the Philippines, raising the child in a more Filipino way to satisfy the social, economic and religious responsibilities of the family.

    Duties and Responsibilities of the Parents:Provision of physical care and loveInculcating disciplineDeveloping social TrainingFinancial aspect of responsibilitySpiritual formationAdditional References:

    Role of parents:

    Responsible Parenthood and reproductive health:

    Example of family life and responsible parenthood:


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    Yes,because of our imaginary...
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