Write agree, if you think the statement is correct and disagree if otherwise. 7. risk walking and dancing are activities which are of moderate intensity.


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    Agree...Kind of. Because dancing can be moderate to hard intensity depending on the routine.


    The word "dancing" used in the question is vague. Dancing can be moderate intensity to Hard intensity depending on the dance routine. For example, If I would agree on Brisk walking and Dancing being both moderate intensity, then ballroom dancing or aerobics would be a perfect sample of Moderate Intensity.

    To qualify as a moderate exercise, 10 minutes is the minimum amount of time need to get the benefits of a cardiovascular exercise. The goal of moderate exercise is to get the heartbeat rate up to 50 - 60 percent higher than normal when resting.

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    Explanation: BECAUSE proper execution of dance steps decreases the risk of injuries.

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    Without physical activities like exercise your heart would not function properly.

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    1) DIS AGREE

    2) AGREE

    3) AGREE

    4) DIS AGREE

    5) DIS AGREE

    6) AGREE

    7) AGREE

    8) AGREE

    9) DIS AGREE

    10) AGREE

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    1. disagree

    2. agree

    3. agree

    4. disagree


    yan lang po yung sinagutan ko po kasi yung iba ay magguguoin so ikaw na lang po ang gagawa ng maggugupit from magazines, brochures and newspapers

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    I believe that 5-10 minutes is not enough


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    Obviously Disagree *Lazy Senpai Noices*

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Write agree, if you think the statement is correct and disagree if otherwise. 7. risk walking and da...