1. how does swimming build endurance? ​


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    Because swimming is good for your health.


    Primarily in swimming, you hold your breath underwater as you move your entire body to swim. Your endurance in holding your breath increases due to holding your breath for extended periods of time and the pressure that you receive from the water. Your muscle and strength endurance increase due to the continuous moving and swimming of your body. Cardio endurance increase due to all of the work your body is undergoing, heart rate begins to slow down as you swim for a lot of times. breathlessness and becoming easily tired are less likely to happen. Weak muscles strengthen making you immune to numb and painful muscles.

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    swimming is a Lactic aerobic exercise which means when a person is engaging it she or he needs the right supply of oxygen for the muscles and lungs.

    so when a person practices swimming the person is also practicing proper breathing which can help expand the space in his or her lungs. and also the force the person applies in every movement while in the water can strengthen the muscles of the body.

    and strong body plus bigger breathing space is equal to higher or stronger endurance.

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1. how does swimming build endurance? ​...