Do you consider festival dances wether simple or complicated as physical activities that could lead to health optimizing? why or why not? ​


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    Festival is a combination of creative thinking and physical movements applying dance discipline to come up with a wonderful presentation. It could optimize our health whether it’s simple or complicated. Festival dance requires body coordination and presence of mind in order to produce a worthy performance. This alone can justify that festival can optimize our health. Aside from body coordination and presence of mind, festival dance will require you to have discipline and creativity to produce or create it. So basically, festival dance is an activity that develops your physical, mental and spiritual aspect thus making you a better person.

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    sana makatulong

    pa follow din

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    Complicated Life . For I believed choosing a hard life can make you a better person in the future 
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    I rather choose complicated for my own. because complicated life is much challenging than the other.
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    I would choose simple life. Because simplicity is beauty.
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    In my past life my life is simple because before i am contented of what i have and i am happy in a simple life..
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    Obviously I'll choose simple life. What is the sense of having complicated life right? It might gave you problems and difficulties. Fortunately, simple life gives you peace and wisdom.
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    Simple life :-)
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    Simple. why? because having a simple life you can do what you want you can have freedom.
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Do you consider festival dances wether simple or complicated as physical activities that could lead...