As a student, what is the relevance of this sport to your life?


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    inning is in baseball where you have sets that is called inning


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    In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must eat healthy foods like vegetables, get enough sleep, and exercise.

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    Binislakan is from the province of Pangasinan. A Municipality there called Lingayen got its name from the Chinese word "Li-King-Tung" which means to look backward and forward. These dance was performed to commemorate the Chinese named Limahong who built his  own kingdom in Lingayen. The word Binislakan means "the use of chopsticks" which Chinese use in eating. In this dance, the dancers look backward and upward in some movements which is inspired by the meaning of the name "Lingayen". They also use two sticks to produce rhythms just like the sounds produced by chopsticks while being used by the Chinese people.

    Sakuting is a dance originated from Abra province. It was an all-male dance showing a fight between Ilocano Christians and non-Christians with the use of sticks as props. During the dance, the two teams circle and clash bamboo sticks imitating a martial arts sparring. Its dance form us comedia which is also known as moro-moro. The dancers, using their sticks, tap the floor and each other's sticks. The dance is consists of marching and small forward and sideways shuffle steps while interchanging positions with other dancers. Dancers also twirl the sticks which hits other opponents' sticks.

    Sua-ku-sua originated from Jolo, Sulu. The word means "my pomelo tree". This dance is performed by couples wherein their two white fans are swayed, which represents the swaying of the leaves of pomelo tree. The faces of the dancers are covered with rice powder while their eyebrow and sideburns are enhanced. The fans transform into tiny sails, butterflies, shields and leaves. The steps in this dance were Chinese influence.

    Pangalay is also known as Daling-daling or Mengalai. It is a traditional fingernail dance from Sulu that is performed by Tausug people. The dancers of pangalay must have flexible shoulders, elbows and wrists that resembles kontaw silat.

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    The answer in this kind of regular payment is premium.

    A regular premium is the amount paid for your chosen insurance coverage or policy in installments wherein in your example, John pays each month. Therefore, he chose to pay his regular premium monthly for her auto insurance policy.

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