How are you going to improve your health through dance?


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    simple Lang turuan mo Ang Hindi Alam atmay interest diyan sa sports

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                   The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012  (Republic Act No. 10354), otherwise known as the Reproductive Health Law or RH Law, Reproductive Health Act or RH Law is a Philippine act that guarantees universal access to contraceptives, birth control, sexual education, and maternal care methods.

                       While there is general agreement on its provisions on maternal and child health, there is great debate about its mandate that the Philippine government and the private sector should finance and implement widespread distribution of family planning tools such as condoms, birth control pills, and IUDs, as the government continues to share information about their use through all health care centers.

                     Passage of the bill was challenging and highly political, with scholars, religious institutions, and leading political leaders announcing their support and disapproval in the legislature pending. There were heated debates and rallies across the country to support and condemn the RH Act.

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    As a student that have learned about quackery, I can protect my family from quackery by telling them what I've learned about it. In order to be safe from quackery, they must have knowledge about it. In that case, they will be observant on the things that they buy and consume/use.

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    Playing team sport can promote fitness, good health and wellness. How? The reason is actually simple. Your body and mind is exercised when playing team sport which helps in attaining and maintaining fitness, good health and wellness. Risks of getting into drugs and alcohol is also lower as playing distracts you from it. You may also befriend your teammates and help each other in avoiding activities that might harm you and your well-being. :)


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