Is point of reference and reference point same?


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    gravitational force


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    Good Day


    A plane bound for Kuala Lumpur accelerates on a runaway from rest to 3.22m/s² within 32.0s until it finally takes off. Find the distance traveled before takeoff. Use GRFS to solve.

    Given Data:

    a (acceleration) = 3.22m/s²

    t (time)               = 32.0 seconds

    Vi (initial velocity) = 0 m/s  (from rest)

    d (distance)  = unknown ?


    We can use the formula d = Vit + 1/2at²

    Since Vi = 0 m/s,  we will just used d =  1/2at²

    d =  1/2at²

      = 1/2 × 3.22m/s² × (32.0 s)²

      = 1.61 m/s²  × 1024 s²       (cancel the unit s²)  

      =  1648.64 m

    the distance traveled before takeoff is 1648.64 m

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    Cause the Earth circulates around us very slowly

    I hoped it work

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Is point of reference and reference point same?...