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  • If girls have there period then why do boys not ha...

If girls have there period then why do boys not have something coming out of them


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    Because of the difference in reproductive functions


    Male and female organisms have different reproductive functions. Humans are the same. A female human has what we call a uterus where the eggs coming from the ovary implant if it gets fertilized. In preparation for this, the wall linings of the uterus become thick. But if a fertilized egg does not implant in the uterus, the thickened lining is released as blood. The menstrual cycle typically lasts 28 days for a woman.

    The reproductive function of boys, however, are different. They supply the sperm that would fertilize the egg. This does not have to wait for a cycle though. It is usually readily available in the male's epididymis ready for release at any time. When the sperm meets the egg, that is when fertilization occurs.

    Because men do not follow a cycle, hence they do not have blood coming out of their reproductive organ. If blood does come out, it is a medical situation and a trip to the hospital is needed to check why blood is coming out. The same way for women, if blood comes out or any discharge outside of what normally happens, it has to be checked out by a gynecologist, a specialist in women's reproductive health.  

    For more information:

    Reproductive Health:

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    I don’t know if this is a /legit/ question asked by your teacher/professor or not, but it’s because of the difference between the female reproductive organ and the male reproductive organ. just like the first user ^ said

    i mean i’m ngl it’s situationally unfair
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    I because fhen u see the sun's comet's is far

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If girls have there period then why do boys not have something coming out of them...