How to make one‟s criticism constructive


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    Focus on observable actions or behaviors rather than identity, personality, or motivations

    I'm not sure if this is the answer

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    the answer is

    h = 6.29m


    To raise the boulder a height h, the energy supplied = the increase in potential energy = mgh

    = 1.00x10^3 x 10 x h = 10,000h.

    20.0kcal is supplied but only 75% is used raising the boulder.

    75% of 20.0kcal = 15.0kcal = 15,000 cal.

    Convert to joules: 15,000cal = 15,000cal x 4.19 J/cal = 62,850J

    62,850 = 10,000h

    h = 62,850/10,000 = 6.285m = 6.29m when rounded to 3 sig. figs.

    h = 6.29m

    Note: a calorie (lower case ‘c’) is not the same as a Calorie (upper case C). Stupid, but there you go. Take care not to mix them up.

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    wavelength- 1st

    frequency- 7th

    energy- 7th


    because wavelength and frequency are indirectly proportional with each other while frequency and energy and directly proportional with each other

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