Why mushroom multiplies after lightning?


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    To enjoy, to be active physical and mentally. to be be happy, to move, to burn fats and calories. hahaa
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    by experimenting with a Crookes, or cathode ray, tube. He demonstrated that cathode rays were negatively charged. ... The negative electrons represented the raisins in the pudding and the dough contained the positive charge.

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    An athlete has a mass of 45 kg, moving at the rate of 10 m/s towards the finish line. what is the momentum ?

    We have the following data:

    p (momentum) = ? (in kg.m/s)

    m (mass) = 45 kg

    v (velocity) = 10 m/s

    We apply the data to the momentum formula, see:

    p = m*v

    p = 45\:kg*10\:m/s

    \boxed{\boxed{p = 450\:kg*m/s}}\:\:\:\:\:\:\bf\blue{\checkmark}


    \bf\blue{I\:Hope\:this\:helps,\:greetings ...\:Dexteright02!}\:\:\ddot{\smile}

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    Let speed is equal to the distance over time.

    r = \frac{d}{t}


    r is the average speed

    d is the distance travelled

    time is the total time interval


    d = 820 km

    t = 27 hrs

    r = \frac{d}{t}

    r = \frac{820 km}{27 hr}

    r = 30.370370... \frac{km}{hr}

    r ≈ 30.4 \frac{km}{hr}

    r ≈ 30.4 \frac{km}{hr}

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Why mushroom multiplies after lightning?...