Why is it hard to forgive evn you really love that person the most?


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    It is not easy to forgive even though you love the person because it already happened we cannot do anything all we have to do is just think the right answer either you forgive that person or not.

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    Sometimes its hard forgive someone because you are afraid that he/she will do it again.And it is hard to forgive when they lost your trust.

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    1. 2=6

    + 8=24



    14 or 7


    2.1/2= 8/16

    + 3/8=6/16

    14/16 or 7/8

    3. 1/4=5/20



    4. 5/11=20/44

    1/4= 11/44


    5. 4/7=20/35



    Sorry sa 2-5 ginanyan ko nalang kasi hirap mag-type

    Hope it helps=)

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    b.it was raining really hard

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    Is she really fine?".

    Dottie asked herself.


    no because why is Crimson sad if there is no reason.There must be a good reason why Crimson is sad

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    Im not sure if that's in simplest term because I'm not quite good at it but you can recheck if you like.

    I can't find the answer onits hard to find out

I really need you to help me Thank You ​
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    Mag aral ka nalang mabuti:)


    Di ko din alam:)

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    Do not underestimate yourself. you have a lot of potential, you just need to unlock them.

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