Reaction paper for buddhism violence and peace


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    The positive one is we can know the word of the Lord (for Christians) because we have religions, we know what is good and bad. But sometimes even though we go to church every sunday, yes they are preaching us there but after the mass, what we'll do? Are we going to change after that preaching? No, right? That's why sometimes it's good to have no religion, just believe in God and have faith in Him, it is not about the religion it's about us, our relationship with Him

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    Of course I will definitely do it

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    human is the best creation of God, who will have to pass from difficulties and exams of life being on the right path, shaitan (evil) will disturb human & will try to misguide him/her still human can ask for help from God & God is the best protector who had created human in his best mood. God loves human as human have so many roles in life and playing all the roles properly human has to remember and worship God, the best creater. So human is the best creation of God.


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    The Catholic Church's canon is completely different from jews they have different set of beliefs. In the case of Christian denominations and protestants, Their scripture is from the Catholic Church where it is translated into english and some original books removed like Maccabees 1 and 2, Judith, Tobit, Baruch, Sirach, and Wisdom. This happened during the reformation, 15th century.

    The original scriptures was under the care of the Catholic Church where it is compiled and translated by St. Jerome. Check out  the Douay Rheims Version if you want the original translation.


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Reaction paper for buddhism violence and peace...