Why did jesus prayed before he died, who did he prayed to, and who is the father of jesus christ, why many people worship christ even though christ has his own father/god, why do they say that jesus and his father are one person, if there's a father of jesus or god, why most people worship jesus? explain all the questions diligently.​


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    Jesus prayed to God the Father before He died.

    God the Father is Jesus' father in Heaven.

    Jesus and God are one person for they are together in Trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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    He consults His Father before making a decision.


    Jesus had a lot of things on his mind, but he didn’t sort through the decision making process all by himself.  The example of how Jesus handled this very important decision, is probably the best advice we could ever receive, on the right way to make a good decision in our own lives too.

    Why do we go to so many different people, like our family members, friends or coworkers, to ask their opinion on what we should do?  The very first place we turn to, should be to turn to God in our prayers, and yet He is often the last one to be consulted.Who is more qualified give us advice though?  Who do we know that can give us an honest, unbiased opinion without any ulterior motives of their own?  Everyone seems to have their own agenda, or see the world from the perspective of how it affects them, but God does not have any such selfish interests.  God our Father, always wants what is best for us.  He always wants the right thing for our ultimate good.  In other words, God is always on our side.

    The source of Christ’s power already originated within him, but Jesus received extra strength, grace and support during the solitary times of prayer that he spent with his Father. He didn’t make any major decisions on his own, although he had every right to do so. God the Father guided his decisions, and strengthened him with the grace to accomplish the tasks that lay before him.

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    He prayed for us mortals who had greatly sinned, as he was begging his father to forgive us for our wrong doings.

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    Jesus Prayed for the people to be saved when he was tortured

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    Jesus prays to God our Father :)

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