True or false

1. jesus is god.
2. jesus committed sins like us.
3. mary is the mother of god.
4. mary remained free from stains of sins all her life.
5. mary was forced to say yes to the mission announced to her by the angel.
6. jesus is half-man and half-god.
7. mary remained ever-virgin in conceiving and giving birth to jesus.
8. every time we pray the hail mary and holy mary, we recognize mary.
9. jesus simply appeared to be human but remained truly god.
10. mary, after her earthly life, was taken up to heaven with body and soul.
11. the kingdom of god is a symbol of god's active presence among his people.
12. in the gospels, we find a precise definition of the term "kingdom of god"
13. the kingdom of god embraces all the blessings of salvation.
14. christ came to save the righteous and abandon the hopeless.
15. the kingdom of god is offered to all

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    1. True

    In John 10:30, Jesus said "I and the father are one"

    2. False

    He is God. He is free of sin

    3. true

    If Jesus is God then Mary is the mother of Jesus, then Mary is the mother of God

    4. True

    Because she is conceived free of sin

    5. False

    She heartily said in Luke 1:38 "I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to your word".

    6. True

    7. True

    Because she is conceived by the holy spirit

    8. True

    9. True

    10. True

    This is according to the Catholic doctrine called the "Assumption"

    11.  True

    12. True

    13. True

    14. False

    Christ was crucified for the salvation of all men

    15. True

    It is indeed offered to all yet few people follow him (Luke 9:23)

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    Mary and Mark is hardworking

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Hope its help

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    1. I am motherhood spirit

    2. God


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    ayan po answer ko

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    The problem is their father didn't even listen to John's Story. It could be Mary who also hid the wallet to blame his brother John.

    Judgemental: He just accused his son John instead of listening to his story

    Action: That action is very rude because Mr. Mapanghusga accused his son with no proof or such evidence.

    Thoughts towards John: I feel bad for John because he never got the chance to speak for himself

    Thoughts toward Mary: Mary should be treated fair among with the other children. Because Mary is the younger in all of them yes, but how about her other siblings?!

    Thoughts toward Mr. Mapanghusga: He should listen to his son before accusing him of stealing Mary's wallet, after all it could be mary to hid it

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    A letter written by Mary.A letter was written by Mary.A letter is written by Mary.A letter had written by Mary.A letter would be written by Mary.
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    The questions have not been numbered, so I'm going to number my answers to make it easier to read, I hope that's okay with you.

    (1 - Quotation): "An' tha's browth th' young 'un with thee."

    (2 - Mary's Servant): Because Indian men and women are more skilled at housekeeping.

    (3 - Italicized Vocabulary): I was relieved to see that there wasn't anything peculiar or surprising on the math test.

    (4 - Novel Characteristics): Novels can have multiple small climaxes.

    (5 - Italicized Vocabulary): My dog is so peculiar - sometimes he'll bark at absolutely nothing!

    (6 - Passage): It appeals to the readers sense of sound to create a lonely feeling.

    (7 - Passage): The language is figurative; foxes do not hide or protect their cubs.

    (8 - Robin): The robin brings Mary and Ben together.

    (9 - Passage): Foreshadowing. 

    Hope this helped!
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True or false1. jesus is god.2. jesus committed sins like us.3. mary is the mother of god.4. mary re...