Telly us about saint john in the children of the city​


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    The positive one is we can know the word of the Lord (for Christians) because we have religions, we know what is good and bad. But sometimes even though we go to church every sunday, yes they are preaching us there but after the mass, what we'll do? Are we going to change after that preaching? No, right? That's why sometimes it's good to have no religion, just believe in God and have faith in Him, it is not about the religion it's about us, our relationship with Him

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    I love God so much because He first loved me. He gave His life in order to save me & bring me back to Him. I show my love for Him by doing the following ways: reading His words (the Holy Bible), obeying His commands, sharing the Gospel to people, praying to Him, serving in His ministry, devoting myself & time for Him, and above all, by accepting Him in my life as my Lord and Savior.

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    Family Support will meet the needs of families seeking our help by: Providing home-based, non-judgemental and focused person-centred support from volunteer befrienders to reduce stress and isolation and increase confidence and health/wellbeing for all the family members.


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    ito ay nag uumpisa sa librong genesis, exodus at marami pang iba

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Telly us about saint john in the children of the city​...