•the period stirred enthusiasm for the study of ancient philosophy and artistic values


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    yes because i don't know

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    If you are looking for an explicit definition of what exactly constitutes the image of God in Scripture, you won’t find one. Like many other doctrines, we understand the meaning and application of truth from careful contextual study of the relevant biblical usages in the Old and New Testaments. Unfortunately, doctrinal positions are sometimes obtained based on presupposed commitments to extra-biblical, human ideas. This article seeks to expose biblical reasons to reject outside influences of evolutionary thinking regarding the nature of man. In contrast, the biblical data demands that mankind is uniquely created in the image of God, distinct from all other creatures, and reflects the very character of God in our spiritual being.


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    Ang pag tatakip ng mukha ng mga babae


    Dahil ang paniniwala nila ay dapat mahalin ng lalaki sa kalooban hindi sa itsura

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    Thinking and doing does not separate from each other because human body is controlled by the brain. The judgments, actions and even feelings are dictated by the brain.  

    SOME SITUATIONS THAT PROVE THINKING AND DOING GO HAND IN HAND We help someone because we love to do it and our mind thinks it is a good thing to do. In answering assignments or any quiz, the hand writes what the mind dictates therefore thinking and doing go hand in hand. During emergencies like an object is about to hit you, you immediately move away from its direction because your mind says what what should be done. In cooking, you stop pouring salt because when you tasted it, the mixture is already delicious and you think it is enough. When someone you love left you, you cry because in your mind, you think that you can’t find any other lover. Carpenters make good houses because they know which part or which nail has to be hit using their minds. You see, in everything we do, we consult our mind/brain and we come up with a certain action and successful outcome because of thinking first before doing and thinking while doing things.

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•the period stirred enthusiasm for the study of ancient philosophy and artistic values...