Activity 4: Figure it out! B. Directions: Match the social or moral issue with the teaching of the Church. Write the social or moral issue in the box. Write a brief explanation for every issue.

death penalty
illegal mining
human trafficking

1. God is the author of life.

2. God binds a man and a woman.

3. Persons are of equal dignity.

4. Man is the crown of creation.

5. Human persons are not commodites.


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    I had a time where I was just depressed. I didn't feel loved and I was just lonely. My mom asked me if we could go to church, those times I was suicidal. I agreed to go with her. The priest said that no matter how sad or angry or emotional you are, how bad you are in things, God loves you. So I always put in my mind that God loves me for being who I am. I feel loved since he accepts everyone. I hope whoever is reading this feels blessed.

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    Hello self I am really happy that you are doing good in school,keeping all the distractions away and focusing on your goal, Im happy that you grew up knowing where you came from and for trusting yourself that you can do anything that is impossible even though life makes it hard, stay humble self youll be successful someday

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    The founder of Judaism was the Hebrew man named Abraham whom God first reveal himself. Judaism was believed to have started originates nearly 4,000 years ago in the Middle East.


    Included in the Torah's commandments are the rules about justice, equality before the law, loving-kindness, social welfare and the ideals of peace and political freedom.


    Judaism compared to the Islam holds little interest to the afterlife.ISLAM


    The scholars dated the origin or the creation of Islam to the 7th century. It is believed to have started in Mecca.


    The virtues prescribed in Islamic religious texts and righteousness, good character, and the body of moral qualities are what encompass the Islamic morality.


    Islam however compared to Judaism is interested or believes in the afterlife The feat of the Last Judgment and the Lord of the Day is the most fundamental motif of Islam.

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    magkakaroon lamang nang kapayapaan ang mundo kung dumating na ang Panginoon ...dahil sa mga oras na yun lilinisin nya itong mundo natin ..mawawala na ang mga kasalanan na nagpapagulo sa mundong ito

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Activity 4: Figure it out! B. Directions: Match the social or moral issue with the teaching of the...