Get your Bible and read. Choose a passage that tells of who God is. Write five sentences reflection of who God is based on the truth revealed by the passage that you’ve chosen from the Bible. (wala po kami bible)


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    Sapagkat iba-iba ang ating paniniwala. 
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    What is a Protestant bible?

    The Protestant bible is a bible that is consists of 66 books and was made during the time of reformation where it was first used by Martin Luther and then translated into many different versions.


    There are many versions to choose from and many translations which can be easily understand by the ones who read it. These can also be used by pastors in their evangelization because other protestant and born again churches have different doctrines.


    The bible was originally compiled and verified by the Catholic church. During the time of the reformation, Martin Luther removed 7 books from the bible which doesn't agree with his doctrines such as praying for the dead which can be found at the book of Maccabees. It also has linguistic errors and wrong translations due to the frequent revision of the protestant bible.

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    They talk about God


    They talk about the kingdom of God

    Old testament is a large book while new testament book is just like a compilation of old testament that is made by Jesus Christ.

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    we need to not always focus on ourself because you need to see what is happening around you for you to experience life and for you to know your purpose

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Get your Bible and read. Choose a passage that tells of who God is. Write five sentences reflection...