What are your religious insights related to this pandemic?


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    My religious insights related to this pandemic is to strengthen more our faith in God. Now that we are experiencing this problem, we should be more faithful and pray that the problem would be gone. Having close relationship with God will make us more stronger and would be guided in overcoming this pandemic.


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    obey your parents

    respect everyone


    because they know what's good to you

    For the goodness of every students at school

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    5 Tips on How to be a More Responsible Person

    1. Stop making excuses for yourself

    If, and when you make a mistake, own up to it.

    2. Stop complaining

    Complainers are usually the people who talk too much and do nothing.

    3. Learn how to manage your finances

    One of the major responsibilities you will have as an adult is to take care of your money.

    4. Avoid procrastination

    5. Be consistent and keep to your schedule

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What are your religious insights related to this pandemic?...