Explain the Story of the Prodigal Son:


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    Tge story of prodigal son is A picture of God's love for us as his children. God's love for us does not depend on our faithfullness; it is unconditional He love as while were sinners. Though we are demanding and do not remain faithful,God is still our faithful and loving a father.


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    ito ay tumutukoy sa patriyotismo.

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    If the neutral side is out of the choices then go where your morality or beliefs would take you. Listen to the arguments that actually has content and try to do your research then this contradiction might be solve. The real world would always have problems whether it could be the system or the running of the system so contradictions would always be there due to opposing views we have. But when you choose a side, try to protect it and prove it with your point of views or experiences then a solution might goes within your palm.

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