I 3. you have been assigned to teach in a school where your culture differs significantly with the learners. How will you be able to cope with the nuances of your teaching environment and make the teaching- learning productive?


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    Judas Thaddeus is a betrayal apostle which betrayed and unfollowed god just to keep his promise to satan, because satan says "betrayed Jesus and I will be the one to owe your heart".

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    believe in your self and achieve your goals and trusting God

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    by going to church every Sunday,

    praying,thanking him, by trusting him, asking forgiveness and respecting the 10 commandments

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    The Passover was always observed on Nisan (Abib) 14, being on or near the day of full moon, inasmuch as the first day of every month (lunar month) in the Jewish calendar was the day of the new moon, as determined by visual observation. Therefore the 14th day of the month would be about the middle of a lunation. The date of Jesus’ death is shown in the article JESUS CHRIST (Time of his death) to be Nisan 14, 33 C.E. Concerning the day of his death as reckoned on the Gregorian calendar, astronomical calculations show that there was an eclipse of the moon on Friday, April 3, 33 C.E. (Julian calendar), which would be Friday, April 1, on the Gregorian calendar. (Oppolzer’s Canon of Eclipses, translated by O. Gingerich, 1962, p. 344) Eclipses of the moon always occur at the time of full moon. This evidence strongly indicates that Nisan 14, 33 C.E., fell on Thursday-Friday, March 31–April 1, 33 C.E., on the Gregorian calendar.

    It was on the evening before his death that Jesus observed his last Passover meal and afterward instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal. Even before the Memorial meal began, the traitorous Judas was sent out, at which time, according to the record, “it was night.” (Joh 13:30) Since the days of the Jewish calendar ran from evening of one day to evening of the next, the Lord’s Evening Meal was celebrated also on Nisan 14, on Thursday evening, March 31.

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I 3. you have been assigned to teach in a school where your culture differs significantly with the l...