Ano ang mga paniniwala ng mga Iglesia


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    -Naniniwala sila sa iisang Diyos (ang Ama) ngunit hindi sa trinity.

    - Naniniwala silang hindi Diyos si Kristo kundi siya ay isang tao ngunit hindi katulad nating ordinaryo.

    -Naniniwala silang iisa lang ang iglesiang itinayo.

    Tell me if I mistaken. I'm not to familiar with their beliefs

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    well your in luck i watched that movie last night


    The film recounts a provocative true story. In 2015, a 14-year-old boy and two friends ventured onto thin ice on a frozen Missouri lake. They crashed through, and one of the boys, John Smith (Marcel Ruiz), sank to the bottom. He was rescued by firemen after 15 minutes, and although he showed no pulse, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors could get no response, but when his mother appeared and prayed over his body, he began to show flickers of life. He received the most sophisticated medical care and eventually recovered without neurological impairment.  The entire community celebrated a miracle, through prayer and fasting even tho the doctors said that he wouldn't make it

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    if there is no catechism in education

    the students will be not disciplined because if you know God you are responsible

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