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How can humanity address the damage inflicted on the environment


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    At present, with great difficulty. While many nations have public and private programs to encourage recycling, the volume of goods being produced, especially plastic products, far exceeds the amount being recycled. Much of those products end up in the oceans where they will cause damage for many years or centuries. Likewise there are numerous projects to replace fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly technologies such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy. This is one area that shows great promise.


    in my opinion the greatest obstacles we face are human population growth and the spread of minimally controlled capitalism. Capitalism, like fire, is an enormously useful tool that has brought material wealth and prosperity to millions. Unfortunately, the capitalist system has no built in control mechanisms that insures it will only function for the good. Without those controls, which governments must institute, the capitalist system can, and will, generate as much evil as good. Uncontrolled, the capitalist dynamic produces child pornography, human trafficking, destruction of rainforest, and the killing of endangered species as easily as it produces the IPhone, vaccines for deadly diseases, and communication satellites. The environmental burden on our planet increases logarithmically with human population growth and simply can’t be sustained. As the American writer Edward Abby pointed out “the concept of unlimited growth is the ideology of the cancer cell”.

    If we can learn to address the problems of reining in the capitalist machine, without killing that part of it that has brought us so much progress while, at the same time, reducing human population growth to a sustainable level, we’ll be well on our way to a wonderful future; but, one more piece needs to be added. For thousands of years, much of the human population has considered that every other life form on the planet is there for human exploitation and nothing else. That needs to end. It’s critical that we learn to respect all life, all species and the environment that gives them life. We, as a species, have yet to understand and fully integrate the concept that all life is connected and interdependent. Until we gain that understanding I think our ultimate survival is in doubt.

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How can humanity address the damage inflicted on the environment...