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Cite ways to prevent or lessen the environmental impact that result from exploitation, extraction, and use of mineral resources


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    There are two possible approaches that both factories and legislators can take to help reduce the impact of industrial pollution.

    First, industries can reduce their reliance on a product that is causing pollution. One good example is removing lead from gasoline in the 1970s. We’ve lowered our dependence on lead, which reduced the amount of this heavy metal being leached into the surrounding environment.

    The other option is to treat industrial waste to remove toxic components so that the rest of the waste can be disposed of safely. It isn’t always easy, and it does require that each factory implements the proper procedures to purify or cleanse their waste byproducts. However, it can help reduce the soil, air and water pollution being produced by these facilities, and also help in conservation of natural resources.

    The industrial revolution may have changed the way that we look at the world, but it also changed the impact we had on this planet that we call home. Now that we’ve realized the problem, it’s up to us to fix it so that we can continue to grow and change without destroying our home in the name of progress.

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    Be the example or the institution to the community so that they follow because of the image of example.


    Done by example is one of the reason to follow.

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    Community Service Ideas to Help the Environment

    Start a garden or plant a few trees. ...

    Go door to door collecting old phone books and

    other unusable paper items. ...

    Clean up garbage along a hiking or biking trail, or even just on the side of the road. ...

    Try to organize an energy audit for your school, workplace, or community center.


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    Discipline community people

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    engage in physical activities


    Physical activities that can help you to be physically fit and healthy than drugs that can destroy your intire life,so choose wisely.Help each other

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    plant some vegetables

    plant some trees

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    One of the ways to lessen environmental impact is throwing garbage at the proper place because if you keep on throwing garbage everywhere, then this might cause extreme flooding and then eventually cause damage to the society.
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    We have to be disciplined and responsible of protecting and controlling the usage of our mineral resources. Because it can be limited someday. So, we don'y have to carelessly use and waste it. Let us not abuse our resources. Some people advocate this awareness. That is why they make different organizations that support this.
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Cite ways to prevent or lessen the environmental impact that result from exploitation, extraction, a...