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How can science nourish national of the filipino youth​ essay? ​


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    1.for me national artists are the highest national recognition given to filipinos who have made significant contributions to the development of Philippine arts and letters

    2.through appreciating their works,talents,passion are they are known as the national artists Philippine arts

    3.by given them an honnor and be proud to them

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    Although the Republican-controlled Senate is planning to conduct oversight hearings, and the White House coronavirus task force might conduct an internal evaluation, these reviews will be insufficient. Much of the American public no longer trusts the administration or a partisan Congress to level with them on this issue. It has also become clear that experts in federal agencies are often not free to speak the truth, and congressional committees cannot possibly unravel the scientific complexity of this pandemic.

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    The work of many Contemporary Filipino artists is a great example of a

    polychromatic style in which the emphasis is in the intense numerous colors. This

    would be expressed in relation to multi-colored traditional creation such as fan, mats,

    hats, textiles, lanters and Christmas decors and predominantl


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    By recognizing the vital role of the youth in nation-building, inculcating in them the patriotism and nationalism, encouraging their involvement in public and civic affairs, the youth will surely be capacitated and empowered to participate and fruitfully engage in discussions and activities on matters of great ..


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    All Pilipinos is Help in the national security to cooperate and directed to Agency.
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    I urge our awardees to never hesitate to pass down their knowledge and skills to the younger generation because it is only by educating and training the youth legacy and work of our Artists can live on".

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    I wonder how, I wonder why yesterday

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    It is crucial to acknowledge the industry’s struggles, amplify their voices, and support them now during this time. By providing a wider platform for Filipino artists, curators, and collectors, we are giving the next-generation art sector a better chance to thrive. The young artists who emerge from them will be the first to lead us to a brighter tomorrow.”

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How can science nourish national of the filipino youth​ essay? ​...