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Using the information you
gathered previously make
a concept web/comic
strips of the contributions
of the following scientist.
a. ampere
b. faraday
c. hertz
d. maxwell
e. oersted
guide question
1.what new insights/
learning did you get about
our natural word? how did
it change your view about
c. hertz
light? ​


  • Réponse publiée par: shannel99
    Maybe being observant through out millenial stage and the light of our world is slowly turning down because of the influence of technology and media
  • Réponse publiée par: cyrilc310
    We can come up with new ideas from the ideas of others.Things are interconnected with each other.
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Using the information yougathered previously makea concept web/comicstrips of the contributionsof th...