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Slogan about seismic waves and epicenter and fault ang focus


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    Cloning experiment   wa koy sure
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    Improper waste disposal results in accumulated garbage in estuaries and intertidal zones


    When garbage is improperly disposed of, some of these reach our oceans. They usually are gathered in a tide pool, which is a pocket of water in between tidal zones. When these tide pools are polluted the flora and fauna in the area are likely to die.

    Polluting our oceans has been the result of humankind's disregard for the benefits we are reaping from the ocean. We should realize the that ocean is where we get a lot of our sustenance from. Fish, sea plants and many more are from the ocean. A polluted ocean means that we threaten our very lives. Imagine if all of the Earth's oceans are polluted, what would happen to us? We surely would face extinction from Earth.

    And all of that just because we are unable to properly manage our wastes. The Philippines is one of the top contributors to the plastic waste in the world's oceans. That is a shame because it only shows how we do not care for the ocean albeit we are an archipelago and should be the first to advocate for a clean ocean.

    How is this exemplified? Well, every time there is flood and high-tide, you will notice that the estuaries and the intertidal zones regurgitate the trash back to us. And then what do we do we that garbage? We just throw it back to the sea and then the cycle continues. It is best if we recycle, reuse and reduce so that there will be minimal wastes in our oceans. Doing our part, no matter how small will help a lot.

    For more information:

    Waste Disposal:

    Intertidal Zones:

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    An object tends to keep on moving because of the force that was put into it

    Explanation: "An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." ... Moving objects, so it was believed, would eventually stop moving; a force was necessary to keep an object moving.

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Slogan about seismic waves and epicenter and fault ang focus...